Joyful Dance Laura Stanyer

Joyful Dance Laura Stanyer

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dance into Joy

"Dance is such a profound thing. You take up space when you dance. You're in your body. You're alive. Dance is dangerous, joyous, sexual, holy, disruptive, and contagious and it breaks the rules. It can happen anywhere, at anytime, with anyone and everyone, and it's free.” Eve Ensler.

Dance is my passion and prayer; dance releases me into flow connecting to the joy of life. Moving rhythmically connects us to our vitality that we can dance into the innate joy of life; dance is a natural instinctive gift when we surrender to rhythmical movement we connect to our body’s inner wisdom and to healing and joy.

Our society and modern day living can disconnect us from our inner wisdom and our innate joy. Joy is our natural state of being, it may seem unexpected but when we face life challenges we still can experience joy. Our emotions are dynamic and transient, therefore we can choose to just focus on negative experiences or we can experience joy and negativity at the same time. Joy is an innate gift that resides within us all and we can connect to our joy at any time. Connecting to joy when encountering life challenges may bring miraculous insights that allow us to flow through the pain into healing and growth; joy can soothe us through our life challenges.

We can reconnect to the joy that resides inside our heart at any time. Scientific research shows the heart plays an essential role in our mental, emotional and physical well being; we have a thinking heart that releases its own balancing and regulating hormones. In the human body the heart is the strongest generator of electromagnetic fields that transmits information throughout the body and outside of the body. Research shows that positive emotions like joy create physiological benefits in your body and mind. There are wonderful healing benefits to releasing yourself from mind and ego, dance allows us delve into deep joy that resides within our hearts and joyful energy vibrates through us and out of us.

Dance connects us to Joy

Dance is a wonderful way to connect to our innate joy as dance lets us to move into and through deep emotions gaining new insights into our experiences. Emotions are not tangible they are energetic; energy in motion, it is not possible to truly connect with our deep emotions through rational thinking. Dance moves us beyond ourselves and connects us to our deep hidden emotions, it allows us to express ourselves in ways thinking does not, and dance enhances physical and mental well being and promotes emotional and spiritual well being.

There are many known health benefits to dancing including:-

  • Reduces stress and depression and promotes healthy sleep
  • Improves posture and muscle tone
  • Increases energy, vitality, serotonin and endorphins feel good hormones
  • Improves flexibility, strength, balance and endurance
  • Strengthen bones and boosts cardiovascular health
  • Increases mental capacity and improves mental health
  • Raises self esteem and enhances confidence
  • Creates powerful social and emotional bonds and generates the good feelings that come from lovingly connecting with other people

    Express Yourself and Passionately Dance

    There are many forms of dance, from Latin, to street and lindy hop to contemporary dance. Dance is integral aspect of human culture, rituals and celebrations; dance remains an integral aspect to our well being, there is no need to learn a specific dance style, our bodies have an inner wisdom and love to move and our bodies are constantly in motion; internal rhythms pulsate through us continuously.

    No matter what age, shape or size or fitness level, you can gain the benefits of dancing; you can move in your own home, play joyful upbeat music, and feel free to have fun, be silly and let inner rhythms move through you. When no one is watching you can let go of your inhibitions, have the courage to freely express yourself and rhythmically move.

    Dress up and dance, be playful and dance, sing, shout and dance because when we start to gently move, twist, stretch and shake; our bodies vibrate and breathe, resonate and release, realign and find balance, heal and begin to flow with life. Our minds become clearer and we reconnect to the earth, nature, the divine and the universe when we freely express ourselves.

    Dance connects us to joy it begins with rhythm, dance allows me to get out of my own way. As I dance I feel energy move through my centre, tremble down to the sloes of my feet, rise up into rotations of my hips, pulsate into the beating of my heart, expand in my lungs with each new breath, tingle to the tips of my fingers, I vibrate into the vitality of life. I move beyond myself and connect to the divine joy of life.

    Connecting to our innate joy through rhythmical movement gives us access to our inner wisdom and boosts our immune system, improve our mental health and lift our spirits. It is essential we let ourselves experience joy in motion. Dancing can help you to transform feelings, help you to overcome emotional blocks and move forward, grow in life and to affirm how wonderful it is to be truly present in the moment.

    Moving rhythmically eases muscular tension, reduces anxiety and increases energy. Moving spontaneously and sensually allows us to trust our inner wisdom and connects us to the divine. Expressing ourselves creatively through dance opens up new ways of thinking, being and moving beyond ourselves it is a work out for our soul.

    Dancing freely, expressively and passionately allows us to heal our body, emotions, mind and spirit. Dance, wherever you may be, do not pass up an opportunity to dance into joy.

    “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great dancers because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.” Martha Graham.

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